Saturday, 7 September 2013

Why "Queen of the Knit" Claire?

Welcome one, welcome all to the inaugural post from the "Queen of the Knit".

Before we go any further I should say I much prefer, and am better at, crocheting. However, truth is I am not "Queen" of either. "Queen of the Knit" is the culmination of much brainstorming with friends on Facebook as I was looking for a business name. I have been knitting gloves for a very famous West End musical (and getting paid to do so) and thought this could be the start of a new business venture. My friend David came up with the winning name. Other contenders were "Knit Happens", "Knitting Nancy", "Knitting Noreen" and "The Claire Stitch Project" (that nearly won so no nicking it as I may use it for summat else). I also really liked my friend Hannah's suggestion of "Cashmere for Mere Cash". Very clever. For those a little bemused as to how "Queen of the Knit" won this very hard fought contest read on please.

If you have read my "About" page you will know that I am an opera singer. The "Queen of The Night" is a character in Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" and so by changing night to knit it kept the knitting venture relevant to me. Henceforth, in a crafting capacity, I shall forever be known as the Queen of the Knit.

I have no idea how often I will post in this blog as most of my time is spent on my other blog Diary of an Incompetent Soprano. Be advised that this blog will involve pictures of my efforts (both fabulous and hideous) and I welcome your opinions on my attempts.

I think the next post will be called "Crocheters Unite" so look out for that in the next few days.

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