Monday, 30 September 2013

Hang on a cotton picking minute, should your name be there?

Sorry I have neglected you all recently. I have had lots on and nothing interesting enough to write about. I promise to give the appropriate amount of time to this blog over the coming weeks (whatever the appropriate amount of time is).

So, you may remember I mentioned I had been knitting for a West End show recently. This was the result of knitting gloves for a touring production of the same musical. They liked them so much they ordered more pairs for their West End production too. I was, and still am, over the moon and a little flabbergasted. The wardrobe mistress on the touring production sent me a picture of a page of the tour's programme. Now I have been in countless programmes over the years but always in the cast list, never in the technical/creative list. So I thought I would share this momentous moment with you lot. By the way the show is "Wicked".

Look, knitting by...... Hilarious!

That is all I have to report today but you will be pleased to know that a jumper I have been knitting for a fair while now is almost complete and I will post a pic as soon as it actually is. I also have some lovely pics of people knitting in costume that I will also post soon. In the meantime why not get your needles out and join the knitting revolution.

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