Sunday, 8 September 2013

OK, Crocheters Unite is coming but first let's think about logos.

So my very clever sister has been tinkering with a logo for Queen of the Knit and she has come up with this:

I am umming and ahhing as to whether it should be in colour and, more importantly what colour it should be. if you have any suggestions they would be welcome. The eyes might change as at the moment she looks a little less than friendly. For now, though, she will be my working logo.

For your delectation here are a couple of the other logos my sister came up with:

Yes, the music notes are the wrong way round. We know.

This is more like it. A better colour with the music notes the right way round.

Much as I like the red one I prefer the pretty "Queen".

Anyway, this is just a little silly nonsense and nothing to do with knitting or crochet. Hope that is OK.

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