Saturday, 14 September 2013

For the love of Han Solo, finish something woman.

I love knitting. I love crochet. Sometimes I get distracted. Sometimes I find something I want to make and can't wait to make. Therefore, I stop what I am doing, put it to one side and start the new project. It's OK, I will finish it later. No really, I WILL finish it later.

I have counted the projects I have on the go at the moment. There are 6. Yes, 6! Plus I have 2 other projects that need starting ASAP. I have always been impatient. I get bored easily. I also, however, hate leaving things unfinished. In addition to my copious amount a crafty projects on the go I am reading 4 books at the moment and still I wonder why my brain is constantly befuddled.

I thought I would document the things I have on the go right now. Let's start with the books:

To be honest I have not read a page of any of these books in the past 2 weeks but that is not important right now. One of these books was recommended and leant to me by a friend so I will read it soon. One was bought for me for Christmas. I have read 2 chapters but it really has not made me want to carry on with it but someone bought it me for so I will read it soon. One of these books I bought as I had an hour to kill so I purchased it and read 2 chapters in a cafe in Cleveleys (little town near Blackpool if you don't know it). I enjoyed the first 2 chapters so I will read it soon. The fourth has been on the go the longest. I bought it while on tour in Southampton and have read about 6 chapters. This one was also recommended to me by a friend so I will read it. That really is all I have to say about my book reading habits. I, like many others, have to be in the mood to read. It wasn't always like this. When I was a child I would read and read and read. My impatience, however, was apparent even then. I would try to read books as quickly as possible in order to get on to the next. Which is probably why I can never remember what happened in books I have read. Do not worry, I am not about to start another blog reviewing books. 

So we move to my yarn based projects. There is a fairly high ratio of unfinished gloves here. Sewing up is not my favourite part of any knitting/crochet task. Maybe my posting all my unfinished undertakings will push me to actually finish one of them. So here they are:

Crocheted blanket. Started 4 months ago.

Crocheted Shawl. Started over 1 year ago

Knitted jumper. Started 1 year ago.
Knitted gloves. Started 4 days ago.
Knitted gloves. Started 1 week ago.
2 pairs of gloves. Started 2 days ago.

So there we have it. I feel suitably guilty but also like a weight has been lifted by telling you of my short-comings when it comes to time-management. Over the next few posts I hope to report that I manage to finish at least one book and 3 projects involving wool. Of course chances are I will end up watching a box set of summat instead.


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