Sunday, 15 September 2013

Please help me!....I can't do this alone.

This is just a plea for help with a future blog. I am putting together a series of pieces about knitting in unusual situations. The first will address knitting in theatres. I need pics that people are happy to have included in my blog. Regarding the theatre knitting/crochet blog entry it would be brilliant to have people in costume but just people casually crafting in a theatre is fine too.

The next post I intend to put together is pics of people knitting in unusual places. I say unusual, I mean anywhere really. If you have any pics of people knitting please send them to me. If you are on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you can send them to me via any of these. If not I have just put a "contact me" app on this blog just to your right. See? So you should be able to send them to me here or contact me to tell me you have pics to send.

I hope some of you can help but I realise it is a peculiar ask. If you help me though I promise to reward you with pictures of cakes in a future blog entry. Can't say fairer than that!

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