Wednesday 18 November 2015

When will I see you again?....well now actually.

So, my friends, it has been a while. I don't know if anyone has any interest in this blog anymore. I know I haven't shown much interest recently. However, I have been crocheting like a demon recently so thought I would share some pics with you of recent projects. The first thing I have been concentrating on are clothes for Barbie's. My nieces are Barbie mad so the clothes I crochet make great prezzies for them. I sent my eldest niece the following pic and she immediately put in requests for different colours. That means Christmas is sorted!

I am now working on a longer version of this dress in blue as my niece thought it would look like Elsa's dress in Frozen.

 The second pic is of 3 (unfinished) poppies I crocheted for my sister who runs a market stall in Fleetwood Market (called Mary,Tom and Friends). She and I (although I only made about 35), made them to sell and the profits went to the Poppy Appeal. In the end Katie (for that is my sister's name) raised £811.20. Not bad. Needless to say we have started making poppies for next year.

So there we go. I will post again when I have finished Elsa's dress (that looks nothing like Elsa's dress).

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