Thursday 17 October 2013

When is a jumper not a jumper?....When it is still in bits.

So, my knitting for "Wicked" has been completed and I have received my first ever payment for knitting. The thought of being paid to knit is insane. Since finishing I have received 2 commissions for other things so it is not a mad idea to try and make a go of knitting/crocheting for profit. Btw if anyone else wants to commission me just get in touch *winks*.

You will be pleased to know I have completed the knitting for a jumper I have been making for about a year now (maybe more). I just have to sew it up now which is actually the hardest bit. My sewing skills have never been good. I get bored and rush. I vow not to do this with my jumper. It has taken too long to knit to not finish it properly. Hopefully the next blog entry will include a pic of the finished jumper. I may even model it myself!

I am also busy putting together a Queen of the Knit website. Unfortunately the web host I chose is not the easiest to use so it is proving difficult to get it how I want it but hopefully it will be live in the next couple of weeks. Rest assured you will be the first to know about it

To end let me share a couple of photos of people knitting in costume. The first is of members of the ENO chorus relaxing during Fidelio rehearsals. The second is of a member of the Icelandic Opera chorus. Enjoy.