Sunday 5 January 2014

New year, new projects....a few commissions wouldn't hurt though.

So, my fellow wool lovers, we find ourselves in 2014. If I am honest 2013 was both good and bad for me (more bad by the end tbh) so I am quite pleased to start a new year. I have no resolutions as such but I do have goals and intend to see them through (she says).

One of the goals I have is to turn Queen of the Knit into some sort of legitimate business venture. Not one that will make my fortune and allow me to buy a big house but one that will keep me occupied and off the streets. This goal has been helped along by my sister Kat of "the kats whiskers" and one of her Christmas presents to me this year. She did not know this, but I had been intending to set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page for Queen of the Knit since it became a "thing" but I hadn't got around to it (it is astonishing how lazy you become when you have nothing to do). So imagine my delight when I opened a small box (homemade, of course) containing business cards and information regarding a new Facebook page and Twitter account created by my sister for Queen of the Knit. She had managed to literally read my mind and set them up exactly as I would have done myself could I have been bothered. If any of you lovely people fancy following QOTK via either of these social media outlets my twitter name is @QueenoftheKnit and my Facebook page can be found here. (I apologise for repeating information included in my last QOTK post but not many of you saw that one so I thought you wouldn't mind a small recap)

There is not a lot to see, as yet, on either but they are a work in progress and, as the hard work has been done, I really have no excuses not to use them to great effect. Anyway, enough of that, "what have you been knitting/crocheting over the Christmas period?" I hear you cry. Well, I had a couple of commissions and, as I am quite poor right now, I made a few Christmas presents to give to people. I was commissioned to make a tea cosy (which I featured in Crochet until your fingers bleed) and a hot water bottle cover for a friend so I thought I would show you the masterpiece I fashioned.

All my own work. The pattern is my own creation right down to the flowers. As this commission turned out so successfully I ended up making them for my nieces, sister, sister-in-law and my friend Helen. The following pic is the same thing in purple:

If you know me, chances are you will receive one of these at sometime in the future (it includes the hot water bottle in case you were wondering). That said if anyone wants one, let me know and I will sort you out. Just send me a message.

Feel free to contact me if you have any knitting or crochet needs. I will have a go at almost anything but there will be varying degrees of success I am sure.