Monday 10 August 2015

New Year, New Leaf, New Knits......actually New Crochets (that makes no sense)

So, I have not posted for over a year on this here blog. I have been crocheting quite a bit but I literally forgot about this blog. I write another blog about something I know a lot more about so that has had all my energy recently. However, I have produced a few things recently that deserve an airing. The first is a very boring baby blanket
I don't even know why I am sharing that. It looks better in real life. I will just leave it there. The second is a baby hat and bootees. I do baby stuff as it is generally small and quickly finished. I am a VERY impatient person so baby stuff is perfect for me.
These were far more successful, although, the edging on the bootees is bigger on one than the other but then we generally have one foot bigger than the other so it should even itself out. That is what I am telling myself anyway. He third is a little something I crocheted for my friend. It was for a baby shower, although it wasn't meant for the baby, and it was something that represented something to do with our friendship. We were both in a show where we had to dress up as Devils.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I did knit, yes knit, yet another tea cosy. You can never have enough I say.
So that brings us up to date. I will try not to leave it more than a year again but I really can't promise.