Monday 25 November 2013

Crochet until your fingers bleed....a little over dramatic perhaps.

I have been VERY busy crocheting recently. Well, crocheting and knitting actually. I was asked by a couple of friends, in quick succession, to knit/crochet things for them (something I am more than happy to do FYI).

The first thing completed was a tea cosy for a friend to give to a friend for Christmas. I am going to include a picture in the hope that the friend of a friend is not reading this and does not get a sneak preview of their present. I will include no names to protect identities!

I was very pleased with the finished article here. It was a really fun pattern too. I would go as far as saying, clever. You have to pass the yarn behind and if you pull if tight you get this rounded effect on each pleat. It looks great and is very satisfying to create. I will be incorporating this into future projects I can tell you.

The second item I made was a crocheted jumper. This is the first jumper I have ever made (actually it is the second jumper I have made but it is the first to be completed. The first is still in bits waiting to be sewn up). I can not express the sense of achievement I felt on completing this. It actually looked like the picture (although the arms seemed a little long) and I learned a new technique for edging. Effectively crocheting backwards which leaves you with a really tight, neat edge. Again, ever so clever. I should say, the pic doesn't really do it justice. It looked better in real life.

Add to these two projects a new phone case. I received a new mobile phone a few days ago so I unpicked the case I had made for my last phone and remade it to fit the new phone. I waste nothing when it comes to wool.

That is all for today. If anyone wants anything made lease get in touch and I will see what I can do.

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